Counseling provides a dynamic way to explore one's heart and to free it from the bondage of lies, betrayal and confusion.  This is the key to living a life filled with faith, hope and deep love for one's self and others.  Assisting individuals, couples and families on the road to interior freedom has been our passion for over 30 years.


"The root of man's joy is the harmony he enjoys with himself.  He lives in this affirmation.  If an individual is to accept himself, someone must say to him:  "It is good that you exist"-- must say it, not with words, with the act of the entire being that we call love.  For it is the way of love to will the other's existence and, at the same time, to bring that existence forth again."  excerpt for a homily with Pope BenedictXVI 

Come and allow us to show you the way to overcoming depression, anxiety or past hurts so that you may know your value and worth and extend it to others!